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Want to know the secrets for dating? Want the formula for being
desirable and mysterious in text messages, on Facebook, and via
Skype? Unsure why guys aren’t asking you out? Tired of booty calls
and casual relationships that go nowhere? Sick of being single? Then
you need The Rules!

Want to know the secrets for dating, marriage and dealing with people in general? Then you need The Rules Handbook!

The Rules Book - Handbook

Over the past 30 years, the world has changed dramatically. Today, anything goes with fast paced dating and social media. While technology has accelerated the change (Instagram, texting, TikTok), biology has remained the same. It was time for a much needed reminder, The Rules Handbook, available now!

The Rules Handbook is the truth about all relationships! The Rules Handbook will help you attract the right people into your life and prevent or minimize any unnecessary pain. The Rules Handbook will help you nurture your Higher Self (happy and busy), as opposed to your Lower Self (desperate and clingy) with men and everyone else! The Rules Handbook will empower you to gracefully step away from difficult people and instead, invest all that time and energy on yourself and the ones who truly love you.

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We are wives, mothers, co-authors, dating coaches, and have been best friends for the last 30 years. We came up with the idea for a self-help dating book called The Rules after many, many dinners with single girlfriends at the now-defunct Sung Chu Mein, a Chinese restaurant on the Upper East Side in New York City—it was sort of like Sex and the City, but before Sex and the City! Like most women our age, we were career-minded with our own apartments, but we also wanted to get married. So over fried tofu and mixed vegetables, we each brought our dating problems to the table.

We began to notice that the women who played hard to get, either deliberately or by accident, were the ones who got the guys, while the women who asked guys out or were too available were the ones who got dumped. We put two and two together, and wrote and wrote, and that’s how The Rules were born! We had no idea The Rules would become a bestseller… we just wanted to help women stop making mistakes and get the men of their dreams—and that’s what we still do now, 30 years later! Today, Ellen is married with two children and lives in New York, and Sherrie is married with a daughter and lives in New Jersey. We did The Rules, wrote The Rules, and have helped millions of women do The Rules, too. Now, we want to help you!