Kim, married 2012 <br>“I found Prince Charming by following The Rules and so can you! I rarely called him or met him halfway. He loved the chase.” “Without knowing The Rules, I would never be happily married as such. I sincerely appreciate The Rules.”—Miyuki, married 2011 Jag, married 2008 <br> “<i>The Rules</i> helped me keep things real and avoid time-wasters, so that I weeded out everyone except the man who really, really loves me.” Chris D., married 2001 <br> “After doing <i>The Rules</i> and learning to date with self-esteem and confidence, I met and married the man of my dreams. <i>The Rules</i> work!” Debbie C., married 2001 <br> “Following TR helped me set boundaries with men, date successfully, and eventually marry Mr. Right! TR really pay off when you are married, too. I highly recommend TR!” Leelo-Dianne, married 2003 <br> “<i>The Rules</i> work great with an ex-military man because they ‘get’ the discipline thing.” Iro, married 2006 <br> “Girls, there is someone perfect for you out there and you just need to decide not to waste your time!” Elaine J., married 2005 <br> “I never would have married such an amazing, intelligent and handsome man if it were not for <i>The Rules</i>. Thank heaven for you!”  The photo was taken the day my husband proposed to me. Celine, married 2008 <br> “TR helped me to have boundaries and to be more independent; the result is the man who loves you has to pursue you, and it is wonderful.” Joy, married 2005 <br> “Tobias and I were married after 2 years of practicing <i>The Rules</i> during a long distance relationship between England and New York. We married in his home country of Germany in  2005 and our marriage is very balanced because I followed <i>The Rules</i> to the letter.” Brooke, married January, 2009 <br> “<i>The Rules</i> helped me to re-establish myself as a priority in my own life and, consequently, I found a man who makes me the priority in his!” Akiko, Rules Dating Coach, Married June 26th 2009! Amanda married Brian in August, 2006 <br> “During high school and college, I had no clue about <i>The Rules</i>.  I was overweight and took little care of my cosmetics.  Whatever man was interested me, I constantly called him and spilled my life story to get close. Then I read <i>The Rules</i> and realized what I had been doing wrong. When Brian asked me out, I didn not return his phone calls and waited for him. I did not tell him my life story and spill my guts right away.  I acted honest but mysterious. Brian proposed one year later.” Andrea, married October, 2008 <br> “After reading <i>The Rules</i> it became second nature and then I met Mr. Right, everything just fell into place, just like the book said it would.” Stacy, married June, 2008 <br> “I cannot tell you how much I owe to you both for such wonderful advice over the years!  After 6 years of on-again, off-again dating with a non-Rules man, I met my future husband, and we were married within 12 months!  I was very clear regarding his feelings for me!  Thanks again!” The Rules work for gay men as well...I was a Rules Boy and am now married. Sylvia, married 2007 <br> “Before I read <i>The Rules</i> I always chose the wrong men who were not really interested in me. So they left me and I was always hurt. I came across <i>The Rules</i> when I was 38 years old and I started to be a Rules Girl. Now I am married happily for nearly 2 years with a wonderful man. I stick to <i>The Rules</i> and he asks me nearly every day if I would marry him again!” Randi M., married 2005 <br> “My husband answered my ad on JDate and we have a baby boy.” Elizabeth W., married in 2000 <br> “Your book helped me land the man of my dreams. Ten years later we are still going strong. To this day, I beg women to follow <i>The Rules</i>” K, married June 2010<br> “ With the help of a Rules dating coach, I was proposed to after one year of dating.  I never dreamed I would get this happiness!” Abbe L., married July 2008<br> “Thanks to The Rules, my husband who is 14 years younger pursued me, a divorced mom with 3 boys, with an unstoppable passion to win his prize.” Caroline D., married 2002<br> “<i>The Rules</i>  transformed me from the girl you date to the girl you marry. Everything happened for me just as you promised in the book!” Kristen L., married December 2011<br> “The Rules work like magic and make romance fun!”


Dear married Rules Girls everywhere,

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